Flatshare Tips

It is highly recommended live once in life experience shared flats, especially when you have the chance to meet people from all over the world want to have fun, to enjoy together, to meet other people and learn from them. One of the things I liked about shared flats, is to see how people cook, always stay with small details, for example, fry the couscous with oil and garlic before adding the water, add a little sugar in the tomato sauce to cut the acidity or seize the heads of the prawns to give more flavor to the rice while boiling. Rich, rich!

Best to have a proactive seeking moments of conversation at home, doing things together… create an environment of trust to cushion potential future friction. If your natural attitude is open and communicative, perfect, if NO, make an effort to be, will come in handy and possibly learn many things. Also, think it is very difficult to stay in a neutral point in the relationship with your classmates, I’m not sure why but people often tend to love or hate, especially when they are forced to go face daily.

Everyone has their hobbies and we also. Many times we do not even notice but those little details on how to do things or not do them, usually affect people living around you and the concept they have of you. Something as silly as leaving open boats, use a soap that is not yours or leave the toilet lid raised (this is a classic) can fray the nerves of many people. So you must pay attention and try to develop a rapport with your colleagues, seekest while being tolerant of his hobbies. The order, cleaning, times, noise, parties, guests… there are many points on which we have to find a middle ground for the floor work. It is best to know the idea of ​​coexistence that each one before signing a contract.
One of the strengths of RoomGranada is the cleaning service areas, which avoids the problem of organizing and controlling everyone to do their shifts. It also helps that they are great homes (as Cutlery ) where you can get in line with everyone to do a lot of activities and experience the city in a more intense and fun.

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